You Should Be Innovative With Your Sweet 16 Favors

Published: 05th January 2012
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You Should Be Innovative With Your Sweet 16 Favors

When you plan a Sweet 16 party of your own or maybe your princess realize that in addition to the decorations just for the party, the party favors shall also be very important. Party favors are often a kind of gift giving. It is a special symbol of appreciation that you will give the attendees for attending the party. This can be one important thing that your party guests will remember about the party. You can use this as an opportunity to really indulge them by choosing the ultimate ones and to impress your friends and relatives with the perfect sweet 16 favors.

Ideas To Realize When Picking Sweet 16 Favors

Among the initial things to do when thinking about the favors for a sweet 16 gathering is usually to decide on a theme for the party. Sometimes it is anything that the birthday girl likes possibly a movie, cartoon character or song. By using a theme you're then capable of seeing what party favors are offered to give as gifts.

A 2nd tip to be aware of when getting ready for this kind of party is the party color scheme. When you have a theme it should not be tough to decide on a perfect color scheme. It might seem like a lot when deciding on the best party favors. However, together with the right theme and color you'll eliminate the initial confusion that develops during the course of party preparations.

Still another way to help make your daughter’s party remarkable will be to be sure that the party favors or gifts provided are personalized ones. That can be done by having your daughter’s name and birth date imprinted on the gift if it is practical. You may even customize the favor by giving something that you know is your daughter’s favorite. As an example, blue scarves if she is usually putting on them.

Yet another thing to consider about selecting gifts to present as sweet 16 favors is how unique the gift will be. A bag of sweets bought from the neighborhood grocery store was suitable for her sixth birthday. However, reaching 16 yrs old is a memorable affair and it really needs to be marked with a extraordinary treat for all you attend the party. Therefore, try unique items such as CDs, DVDs or individualized key-rings.

Examples of Sweet 16 Favors


Nearly any food item is often a good idea for a gift for a sweet 16 party. The potential in giving the ideal favor is substantial in this category. You may love to give homemade cakes, cookies or truffles or even miniature cakes. In the event your daughter has a preferred snack or food, then this could very well be given to the party-goers as a gift. What exactly is the one thing she would rather snack on.


Giving candles as a sweet 16 birthday party gift has grown to become quite popular. The outside of the candle glass candle holder could be stamped with your daughter’s name. The candle may then be put inside a beautiful box with a ribbon. A wonderful way to individualize this gift would be to decide on your child’s favorite scented candle to give.

You can even take this one step further and also have the party guests make their own candles by simply providing unique colored wax, wicks and glass containers. This is a simple and unique project and definately will give individuals that attend the party something to take home.


Jewelry and trinkets will almost always be a well received gift idea. You can actually customize these types of gifts by including your child’s initials and birthday on them to give as presents to her friends. Ladies at the party could in fact be given anklets while guys can certainly be given chains. Also if there is very little limit in your budget, think of giving earrings or watches.

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